Women’s Physician Group Celebrates 20 Years of Service With a Happy Birthday Surprise for Dr. Lanetta Anderson

Surprising Dr. Lanetta, “the birthday girl,” was made easier by the fact that the partnership usually celebrates a group anniversary of their work-union in August. So, she naturally assumed that her individual work anniversary – and her birthday – had simply slipped by without notice. What she did not know was that the WPG docs were planning a major event for their beloved friend and partner – a surprise birthday celebration!

They booked the new Elvis Presley Hotel for January 25th and spent months in hushed negotiations with family and friends both near and far. The hosting docs lined everyone up to come to Memphis to celebrate along with the community and its leaders – all who are near and dear to Dr. Lanetta.

Finally, the evening arrived. Members of her family, the cornerstone of her life, were able to attend, including her 88-year-old
mother, her brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.

The evening was captured on video as well as the celebrity-worthy event coverage by still photographers as classmates and friends expressed their well-wishes.More than 115 people were on hand for the festivities which included dinner, dancing, and a celebration of the life and servant leadership of Dr. Lanetta Anderson.